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Cultural Life

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With its many community associations celebrating the town's history and cultural heritage, Lubliniec is a vibrant centre of cultural life. Halka Song and Dance Ensemble is a musical group active since 1948. Its rich body of music includes repertoire from the Lubliniec Songbook compiled by Prof. Adolf Dygacz, a distinguished Lubliniec-born folklore scholar. Other ensembles include the renowned St Cecilia Parish Choir and the choir of Lubliniec Parish Friends' Association (formerly St Stanislaus Kostka Parish Choir established in 1945). There is also the OCH Choir and Orchestra, which operates at the Edith Stein School Complex (run by the Catholic Educators' Association) under the musical direction of Krzysztof Gembała. In 2008, to honour the occasion of the town being awarded a patronage of St Edith Stein, the ensemble performed a Cantata composed by its conductor, Krzysztof Gembała. This excellent work themed on Edith Stein's life has been published as a recording. The extensive calendar of town's events will attract lovers of diverse music styles, as well as enthusiasts of sport and leisure. Apart from the Days of Lubliniec annual festival, another cyclical programme called Europe in Lubliniec has been a highlight since it was introduced in 2007. Each year, a different European country's culture is being showcased. To date, ten European countries were presented and a Japanese-themed concert was held. The Lubliniec Film Summer with one of its highlights, the XOZY Festival of Internet Short-form Videos, is yet another local event gaining in popularity. The hub of cultural life in Lubliniec is the Municipal Cultural Centre, which boasts a theatre auditorium for 400 people and a ballet space, which can be converted into a meeting and conference venue for up to a hundred people. The complex houses a cinema and the Clay Angel Art Gallery, established in 2008. The centre offers a wide range of fine arts activities and frequently holds art exhibitions. It also runs cultural and recreational events, such as The End of Summer Concert, Family Bike Ride, Hip Hop-Rock Festival and local dialect workshops. A highlight of the town's cultural calendar is the annual Days of Lubliniec festival, which merged with the Blue Fest in 2008. It has been organised jointly with the regional chapter of the International Police Association. The Municipal Cultural Centre also hosts a range of periodic countrywide cultural events, such as Fine Arts Competition for the Best Christmas and Easter Card, Review of Artwork of the Children's Art Groups, XOZY Festival of Internet Short-form Videos and Disco Dance Festival. The Municipal & County Public Library offers a diverse range of activities for readers, including Library Open Days, cyclical events such as The Night with Andersen and Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party, as well as meetings with writers. In addition, the Edith Stein Pro Memoria Museum holds gallery exhibitions and openings.

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