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Sport and leisure

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Within the town's administrative borders lies an attractive recreational suburb of Kokotek. There, amongst forests and ponds, several recreation centres are located, including Silesiana, Posmyk Leśne Ustronie and the Scouts' Recreation Centre. The facilities include a swimming pool and a lakeside swimming area with the hire of water sports equipment. Other facilities include: outdoors sports grounds and tennis courts; an indoors sports hall, Solarium, Sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, massage centre; a riding school and a mini-zoo. In addition, Military Running Club META Lubliniec organises internationally renowned running events in Kokotek. The competitions include the Commando Knife Run, Extreme Convict Run, and Commando Marathon.

An enthusiast of physical recreation can choose from the wide range of facilities located within the municipality. These include a beautiful municipal park, as well as modern sporting facilities and playgrounds for youngsters. Lubliniec offers 120 km of shared bicycle and walking trails, which have been laid out predominantly through picturesque forested areas. The town boasts eight modern sports centres, including three ORLIK 2012 sports complexes, as well as tennis courts. To ensure their easy accessibility to all residents, the sporting and leisure facilities are spread out around Lubliniec suburbs. 

LKS Sparta Lubliniec – Lubliniec Sports Club (in 1955 the word 'SPARTA' was added to its name) was established in 1936 by Alois Piotrowski, a Lubliniec cosmetics store owner, with the support of George Pakosz, a caretaker of School No 2, as well as the town's merchants. Sparta is a club with a long sporting tradition, which has included nurturing the international careers of athletes such as Zygmunt Anczok (an Olympian and a footballer, whose engagements included playing for Górnik Zabrze FC and the Representation of Poland) and Joachim Pierzyna (a Sparta footballer in the 1960s, who also played for Polonia Bytom FC, later becoming an international player).

Oyama Karate Club – is an independent organisation operating since 1999. Currently there are 70-120 people systematically training at the club (depending on the season). Classes are held in three age groups. The training instructors are highly qualified. They hold master grades and have won medals in European and Polish Championships and at the Cup of Poland. The club's chief instructor and manager, Bogusław Plewka, has been practising karate for over 25 years. He holds the following master grades: I Dan Kyokushin Karate and III Dan Oyama Karate. Mr Plewka has nurtured many great players and coaches who have subsequently won medals in Polish Championships and the Cup of Poland.

WKB Meta Lubliniec – the Club was established on 2 January 1995 to promote running among soldiers and their families, as well as among children, young people and adults associated with the club. The club also conducts training courses in the field of planning and organisation of mass sporting events relating to running. The club has approximately 200 members. Its athletes participate in many national and international competitions.

STS Victoria – a foundation meeting was held in a sports common room at Primary School No 1 in Lubliniec on 28 June 1999, with the aim of establishing a new single-discipline sports club under the name 'VICTORIA' Community Volleyball Association.

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular form of leisure. This inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of transportation has been attracting increasing numbers of followers. Our town, surrounded by forests dotted with numerous ponds and lakes, and rich in interesting heritage sites, is indeed a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. At present Lubliniec has one of the densest networks of bike trails, totalling 120 km in length. In addition, cycling trails operating as part of the On Bike through Silesia programme pass through the town. The programme aims to develop an extensive and user-friendly network of bike trails and paths throughout the Province of Silesia. The programme includes 2 international trails, 35 major trails and several hundreds of minor paths. The major trails start at or pass through localities nominated as regional hubs. Lubliniec is one of such hubs


Lubliniecki Klub Oyama KarateWojskowy Klub Biegacza Wojskowy Klub Biegacza Staw na Kokotku

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